About Us

OTDL (On the Dotted Line) is a Cape Town based, National Sports Memorabilia company trading in high profile sports signatures. Having established ourselves in 2003, we have grown from strength to strength to ensure that our unique supply network is able to deliver the best in local and international sport memorabilia.

At OTDL we have purposefully elected to consolidate our services into 3 main channels, this allows us to provide a targeted and streamlined solution to our customers.

This is the entry segment of our service offering. We believe that sport is an entity which is best shared and as such we have committed ourselves to ensuring that the South African public has access to high quality, impeccably framed sport prints depicting some of the greatest moments in sporting history. Among these prints there are treasures such as the 1995, 2007 and 2019 Rugby World Cups and cricketing prints.

For the more astute collector we offer a range of autographed memorabilia items. These cover photographs, sporting equipment or sport object ‘d art which are certified and signed by famous sporting stars such as Pele, Valentino Rossi, Jaques Kallis, Mohammed Ali and Mohammed Salah, to name but a few. These signature pieces, and more, are all individually framed ensuring that your investment retains its value over time. As an added service we are willing to conduct a search for requested pieces at a nominal fee.

This service is directly aimed at assisting Charities, Clubs and other Organisations (Corporates, NGO’s, Event Organisers, etc) at raising funds for their respective organisations through the auctioning of selected memorabilia items.

To date, we have raised in excess of R7 500 000 for various organisations around South Africa through our personalised auction service. Our service offering includes the provision of an auctioneer, staff to manage the auction, pre-approved signature pieces as well as assistance in collecting the funds.

At OTDL we believe that as an event organiser / charity or corporate you should not carry the liability and risk associated with purchasing our quality products for your auction. Instead we limit this risk by providing an impressive selection of our unique pieces on consignment. This means that if you do not auction off any pieces we will take it back, no questions asked and no money changes hands. We therefore carry all of the risks and you get all of the rewards.

Call OTDL and let us introduce you to a world of top quality, unique and exclusive sporting memorabilia.